Hi, and welcome to my newsletter, Patchwork.

I’ll be using this newsletter to share all sorts of things, mainly focussing on my personal work in illustration and textiles. There will be process posts with videos and photos of new work and past experiments, early access to sales of original artwork, inspiration posts on art/movies/anything that’s getting my brain moving, and maybe some Q&A’s and tutorials if there’s demand for them.

You can subscribe to Patchwork for free, or become a paid subscriber if that’s something you can afford and would enjoy. Paid subscriptions start at £3.50 a month and the first 50 people to become paid subscribers (at any level) will be sent a dedicated and signed thank you card.

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Eleni Kalorkoti
Come and join me as I share my experiments in quilting, appliqué, illustration and beyond. I'll be sharing works in progress, process posts, sketches and paintings.